Megaware BatteryGuard

Megaware BatteryGuard



Megaware BatteryGuard™ acts like a shock absorber and can help extend the life of your expensive battery. Excessive shock and vibration are two of the leading causes of battery failure. Megaware BatteryGuard™ sits under your battery and absorbs the gravity shock caused by excessive vibration and up and down bounce. Get the maximum performance and longevity from your battery.

Scientific explanation: When a battery is subjected to extreme vibration and shock, cracks occur at the interface of mechanical joints inside the battery and its cells. While some batteries are designed to withstand these forces better than others, all batteries can be damaged by shock and vibration over time. Battery failure will often be preceded by performance fading. This is because the stress of shock and vibration causes microfractures inside the battery which reduce internal conductivity and cause a battery to have low voltage. Over time, as the microfractures continue to propagate in the battery’s conductive components, internal resistances increase. This condition reduces the flow of amps which are required to power electrical components. Another cause of performance fading is the physical collision of battery plates as a result of shock and vibration. This condition causes a short in a cell or cells. This also may cause a battery to have low voltage and insufficient power.

Note: Clamping the battery too tightly in place and compressing the pad may decrease the pad’s effectiveness.

Caution: This product may excrete oil and stain certain surfaces and is recommended for placement in battery trays or boxes only.

  • Reduces up to 80% of the G-shock Caused by Excessive Shock and Vibration
  • Great for Boats, Automobiles, ATVs, Trailers, or Anywhere Shock and Vibration Can Damage a Battery
  • Dimensions: 12¾” × 6⅞” × ⅜”
  • Fits up to Group 31 Batteries
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