Gator’s Nest Blind

Say Goodbye to Pit Blinds

Gator’s Nest Blind

Starting at $3,460

Revolutionize the way you hunt flooded fields

Rice, corn, CRP, catfish ponds, and any other shallow water field is the optimal setting for this deadly blind. This hull is easily moved from one flooded field to the next or from one hotspot to the next. The Gator’s Nest blind is stabilized by four spud poles in up to 5′ of water for rock-solid shooting. The Gator’s Nest blind is also portable and easily fits into the back of a pickup truck bed or on a 5×10 flatbed trailer.

Buy a Gator’s Nest Blind and be mobile instead of buying multiple pit blinds and digging multiple holes, only to be stationary. There is no substitute. The Gator’s Nest Blind puts you on the ‘X’.

.125 Aluminum construction
Removable hog wire wrapped blind
Permanent roof
2 Removable individual flip out blind panels
3 Seat bases (uses any 3/4 pin boat seat you want, seats not included)
Heavy-duty .190 thick square tubing spud poles in all 4 corners with quick adjust setting (no pins to fight)
4 Carrying handles (2 on each end)
Two drain plugs

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