Floating Blind



Gator Trax Boats has done it again!

We have been revolutionizing the way you hunt ducks for more than 20 years now. This new product will be no different. All aluminum construction includes two 20′ pontoons 10” in diameter for the base. The blind frame is our long time proven best blind on the market. The design of the blind, including the fold down hinged roof, allows you to brush the blind properly and still have tons of room to stand up and shoot.

This blind is designed for you to anchor down and drive your boat into it. You hunt from your boat! No more blinds on the boat! That’ll be a nice change! If the ducks move, you move it. If the wind shifts, you shift it. If the sun pops out, you spin it. If the water comes up or goes down, you could care less. Drive in and spud down the and HUNT!

We encourage anyone interested in this floating blind to watch the video at the bottom of this page. The uses for this set up are endless!