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You are more than welcome to pay us a visit and pick the boat up from the factory. However, today’s busy schedules will not permit some of you to take that much time, and we understand that. We will deliver our boats and motors anywhere. The cost of delivery is $1.65 per mile one way. (Subject to change without notice). We can deliver it to your door, meet you halfway, or wherever you choose to meet us. You just tell us where you want the ticket to stop. I understand that this may seem steep, but keep this in mind. We do not make any money on shipping your boat. The cost per mile is what we are charged by the delivery service. It is the most cost-effective service we have ever heard of.
When you are ready, give us a call or come see us. We will sit down and put your ideas on paper and actually draw your boat out. If you are at a loss for the best design, we will ask you a myriad of questions to help determine the layout of the boat that suits you best. After you decide on every detail you are ready to order. Please see the deposit schedule below. You can pay your deposit by either sending us a check or paying right then over the phone with a credit card. Once we receive your deposit, your order goes next in line as it was received to the fabrication shop. At that time, we will give you an estimated date of completion, and fax you a detailed copy of your order that shows line items with costs. It will also reflect your deposit paid and balance due. You may also order your boat through our dealer network. Some of those dealers have packaged boats ready for sale on location, offer to finance, and take trade-ins. Pricing is exactly the same whether you order factory direct or from a dealer.

≤ $19,999BOAT ONLY$1250

≥ $20,000BOAT ONLY%10

≤ $29,999BOAT/MOTOR/TRAILER$2500


Gator Trax Boats are custom built therefore, custom pricing applies. The best way to get a price for a boat you want to design and build is to contact us for a custom quote. Quotes are valid for 30 days. If you wish to get an estimate you can add hulls, motors, and options to your online cart. Prices shown in the online cart are not official quotes and are used for estimate purposes only.