Frequently Asked Questions

Remote steer is one of the sharpest new innovations in the surface drive motor industry. When used with hydraulic steering it is one of the easiest ways to operate your surface drive motor. However, this comes with pros and cons. Consider the following when deciding if the remote steer is best for you.
  • In order to get remote steer, you must have the expense of a console, remote steer package, hydraulic steering, and rigging. This will increase the overall cost to over approximately $1,800 when compared to a tiller handle steer.
  • Consider the size of your boat. Adding a console, especially in a narrow boat, will take up valuable floor space that won't be able to be used while hunting or fishing from the boat.
  • When you get stuck with remote steer, you are generally stuck. Without the aid of a tiller handle to assist you in "working" your way out of the mud, through vegetation, or over obstacles, your steering wheel, and power trim are rendered almost useless.
  • If you run a lot of mud flats or heavy vegetation, the remote steer is probably not for you.
  • If you run rocky rivers or sandy bottoms and the only reason you need a surface drive motor is you will occasionally hit something or need to make it across the sand flats, the remote steer is perfect.
Yes. We have designed a tunnel that works perfectly with the huntdeck paired with traditional outboards and jet outboards.
Yes. While no other round chine hull in production offers a warranty with an outboard, we do. We offer an outboard package. This package is a series of braces that will ensure your hull life, even if used with an outboard. As long as you have the outboard package, and do not exceed the recommended horsepower ratings, you will be covered while using your outboard. You can find more details in our Lifetime Warranty.